Fake Turins epitomise British cool with latest single ‘Parcel Duchamp’

After a smashing debut EP in 2021, Fake Turins continue to make waves with various single releases that prove they have a very promising run to come. Fronted by Dominic Rose, he started Fake Turins with long-time collaborator and friend Mars Washington, creating an audio-visual collective of artists that work out of a warehouse North East London.

The collective embody a trend in music and arts, where importance is given to working creatively together to create not only a successful output but a community of artists, who help and uplift each other in the current turbulent landscape. Consisting of 11 official members, the band create beautiful and intriguing sounds, bringing a free-form of musical expression that is desperately needed in the UK music scene.

Featuring relaxed and nonchalant vocals from Rose, this latest single has an undoubtedly cool and laid-back feel and makes the best use of repeated guitar/bass riffs and a horn section. The off-beat and syncopated rhythms make you feel like you’re strutting down the street and the raw saxophone brings a vibrant grittiness that very clearly evokes Ian Dury and the Blockheads. The lyrics also have a touch of Dury, as they find the poetry in the mundane, with Rose’s David Byrne-esque lilting giving them character beyond belief.

‘Parcel Duchamp’ is certainly a stand-out single that impresses with its nuance and musicianship, filling us with excitement as to see what Fake Turins do next. A stellar track that will soundtrack your summer evenings.

Words: Ruth Alexander // Photo: Mars Washington

‘Parcel Duchamp’ is out now via Hideous Mink Records. Stream and purchase the track via Bandcamp.

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