Cosmic Crooner releases the nostalgia steeped ‘Reflexopolis’

Artists always have, and always will, take inspiration from those who have come before them. For some however, inspiration can quickly descend into realms of shallow imitation, and whilst imitation in itself may contain merit, it is creation, not mimicry, which captures the hearts and souls of the audience.

Fortunately, on new single ‘Reflexopolis’, Cosmic Crooner manages to traverse this creative tightrope with both elegance and finesse. Harnessing the quirks and charms of 70s psychedelia and vintage decorum whilst weaving modernity throughout, Crooner has delivered his most reflective and joyous single to date. Opening the track with smooth vocals laid delicately atop of operatic instrumentals, Crooner ushers his listeners into a world of sepia-soaked self-refection. An air of vulnerability hangs in Crooner’s lyrics as he sings of being ‘scared to death’ and professes to behaviours that many of our younger selves may have been unfairly scorned for: ‘sometimes I get a little loud when I get excited’.

Before long, however, the song has switched direction and the dulcet orchestral introduction has been replaced with inspiriting glockenspiels, tambourines, and keys. Melodies bounce up and down whilst layer upon layer of vocal harmonies and instrumentation build the track’s cinematic soundscape. There is an element of theatricality that runs throughout ‘Reflexopolis’, but at no point does it feel overtly flashy nor dramatic – each part exists to complement the other rather than trying to steal the limelight. Much like a good movie, with every listen of ‘Reflexopolis’ you can’t help but uncover something new.

In fact, for Cosmic Crooner, classic cinema is a vital source of inspiration, both sonically and visually. As with his previous releases, Crooner has accompanied ‘Reflexopolis’ with a beautifully shot music video, filmed primarily in the surrounding areas of Paris and entirely on 16mm film. Charming, humorous, and seeped in nostalgic reverie, the video to ‘Reflexopolis’ adds another layer to Crooner’s alluringly seductive universe. When discussing the video, Crooner explains “I wanted to use more tricks and more colours. We approached the video as a painting and solely used primary colours, feeling very inspired by Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon and Godard’s Weekend”.

Words: Taryn McDonnell // Photo: Lin Bartraij

‘Reflexopolis is out now. Find out more about Cosmic Crooner here and watch the music video below.

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