Platonica Erotica dazzles on ‘I Want To Be Every Man I Meet’

Slow Dance never fail to excite with their innovative and captivating artist roster, and Platonica Erotica is by no means an exception. Artistry and theatrics is at the core of Hannah Hayden’s artist identity, effortlessly weaving together no-frills indie sounds with impressive orchestral compositions. She is already rustling up an impressive fanbase after a capturing the hearts of London’s underground scene, as well as amongst fellow artists Black Country, New Road and Matt Maltese.

Born in LA to parents in musical theatre, Hayden has inherited the ability to perform in all senses. There’s a witty, thought-provoking lyricism within a sound that is broad and dramatic, layering voices and addressing the coexisting of tragedy and joy. Something quietly epic exists within in her style; no wonder she has featured on renowned compilations from Dig That Treasure and Slow Dance over the last four years.

Rather appropriately dropping on Valentine’s Day, ‘I Want To Be Every Man I Meet’ is atmospheric and haunting; the contrast between the darker, synth soundscape and the angelic vocals creates something inherently feminine and unsettling. She explores ideas of masculinity further in the official video, where she is choreographed in dance wearing a businessman’s white shirt and inside out and backwards, evidently battling with the restraints of the fabric.   

Equally seductive and unnerving, ‘I Want To Be Every Man I Meet’ is an exciting glimpse of what’s to come from Platonica Erotica as we wait eagerly for her self-titled EP.

Words: Rachel Mercer // Photo: Tatiana Pozuelo Mendez

‘I Want To Be Every Man I Meet’ is out now, taken from Platonica Erotica’s self-titled debut EP, out Summer 2022. Stream the track here.

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