Agata stuns on latest single ‘Unusual Behaviour’

Melancholic pop artist Agata is tying up her series of lockdown recorded singles today with ‘Unusual Behaviour.’ With an Alexandra Savior-esque air of mystery, the song feels straight out of a crime drama, where Bristol-based Agata takes on the role of detective as her suspicions about a cheating partner are realised. 

There is a feeling of optimism in the track’s dark opening lines, as she sings she could make “a nice pair of trousers” from all the red flags she’d ignored. However, this only reminds us we can make beautiful things from the messiness of a broken heart, and Agata does just that with this tune.

The song is driven by bass and moody guitar but lifted by silky, powerful layers of vocals. The soaring chorus matches the feeling of relief that Agata describes at having your worst fears come true; when your heart is broken, that’s when you can begin to rebuild yourself. This single has dropped at the perfect time, with venues opening up on Monday, we are all rebuilding from our worst nightmares becoming reality. Singing “I will find it hard to let go,” it feels like Agata invites us in this new single to join her as we grieve what has been (and what we wish had been), and now together we can begin to find a way to continue forward.

Words: Genevieve Miles // Photo: Jamie Murray

‘Unusual Behaviour’ is out now. Stream the track below.

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