Spectres unveil their new album with the eviscerating ‘An Annihilation of The Self’

Spectres are the harbingers of the anxieties in your sub-conscious you are yet to even conjure – Spectres embody the disquiet that leads your daily life and the darkening clouds that colour your society and the immorality and corruption that nourishes off it. With an even more desolate sense of clarity – they return.

‘An Annihilation of The Self’ – the desolate first single taken from their forthcoming third album – harbours the battering self-evisceration of their previous work, but strips it to its raw vehemency – it shivers and froths with each drum hit, the distortion ripped from its atmospheric longing and constrained into resisting static. In its fundamentals, its more striking – Hatt convulses across the chafing entropy, a tangible sense of acknowledged collapse reigning in his throat.

The notion of starkness isn’t just exhibited within the discordance – Hatt’s voice itself rises from within the mushroom cloud of the past and punctures the flesh word for word. Like an anxiety attack while being buried alive – in its immediacy it feels like an awakening – someone shaking you awake to the reality of the end of modern society. But it pivots to much more personal perception – as Hatt wonders into cut up, fragmented phrases, it’s tearing at the very being, questioning the darkest, incomprehensible things we force ourselves through and for what real contentment.

A notion towards their most graphic and coercive work yet – ‘An Annihilation of The Self’ is the battering ram towards the personal cataclysm and realisation of their new chapter.

It’s Never Going To Happen And This Is Why will be released via the group’s own imprint Dark Habits later this year.


Words: Ross Jones          Photography: Rowan Allen


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