Talk Show Exemplify Isolation In New Video For ‘Stress’

As we spend further time secluded during this lockdown period, the way in which we interact with the mundanity of the everyday has become much more emphasised upon. You may pay more attention to your daily activities at home, you may notice the little areas of comfort you find within the four walls that you didn’t even recognise before, all out of the simple need to dispel some of the intense lethargy and anxiety that can stem from being forced within one place.

If you are also of the more creative persuasion, you may find ways of better understanding isolation by exploring what can be achieved within the restricted space and resources that are afforded to you within the situation. This is what Talk Show have pursued and achieved, with their intimate and focused new video for ‘Stress’.

With the warped and colourfully distorted projections of their faces protruding against white goods and irregular places to find some calm, Talk Show accentuate upon the notion of imprisonment that stems from such confinement. The juxtaposition of the saturated imagery against the inanimate uneasily embodies the immediate emptiness in what we’re having to endure – yet in it’s boldness it bravely embodies a sense of perseverance.

It optimistically exhibits what is possible within limited means – and what can be expressed honestly through it. Such contorted depictions so drenched in colour may feel exaggerated and warped – but it’s honesty lies in it’s foundations and its very form. The lack of high definition is raw and primal, and manifests the anger and sore honesty that burns through the very body of the track itself. It proclaims that no matter how long this may last, human passion will prevail.

Talk Show’s debut EP ‘These People’ is out now via Council Records. Watch the new video for ‘Stress’ below.

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