‘Hey You’ finds Katy J Pearson at her most striking yet

Hot on the tails of previous single ‘Tonight’, Katy J Pearson has returned with a sumptuous second offering for Heavenly Recordings entitled ‘Hey You’.

There’s a distinct solemn feel in terms of its arrangement, which is reinforced by the introspective lyrics offering empathy to a friend in need. The warmth exuding from the organ and lightly strummed patterns are gradually built upon throughout, and it’s these simple yet incredibly deft touches that make the song a true gem. As Katy layers the track with sustained guitars and piano, alongside the addition of some frankly gorgeous harmonies, we come to a head with the repeated refrain “a cloud in the night sky”. This image perfectly captures the feeling of floating along peacefully, the song itself managing to reflect with aplomb.

While we may have only gorged on two tracks from Katy J Pearson so far, you kind of get the picture that these are only a teaser for a more grand and lengthier project to come. We for one can’t wait.

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