Do Nothing share the brilliantly antagonistic ‘LeBron James’

Rising Nottingham foursome Do Nothing have brought the funk to their post-punk on brand new single ‘LeBron James’.

Much like previous single, ‘Gangs’, the track is propelled by an almost menacing bassline which is backed by precise percussion and jagged guitars – a winning combination that ensures the track becomes an instant earworm. Frontman Chris Bailey snarls his way through the track, delivering lines like a cross between a confrontational performance poet and the guy you’d avoid being lectured by at your local.

The song’s subject matter offers a savage character assassination of Billy McFarland, the conman responsible for the infamous shitshow that was Fyre Festival who also offered bogus private dinners with the titular basketball star to the most high-profile attendees. While the assessment of McFarland is brutal, the song also serves as a warning not to trust other shady ‘men in suits’ and brilliantly captures a looming sense of dread over their omnipotence.

“I got all dressed up for nothing”, growls Bailey in the track’s climax, as though bemoaning a crushing disappointment. This is no disappointment.

It should be noted that there’s a strong wave of inspired new acts of a punk persuasion coming out of the country at this moment in time, and if you’re looking for the hot tip of who to watch out for next year as 2019 draws to a close, make sure you’re putting Do Nothing right at the top of your list.

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