Tugboat Captain Share New EP ‘Record Time’

There aren’t many acts that can capture the equal sense of hopefulness and melancholy that embodies the desire for modern day romance quite like Tugboat Captain.

Their songs capture a vest for life in the collaborative energy of their music, while their lyricism embraces the honest pangs of heartache and desire that we have to navigate in a hyper-modern world of dating through instant messaging. Having released their endearing second record ‘Everybody Seems To Think That I’m A Raincloud’ a little over a year ago, the group are quickly returning with another collection of amorous pop songs in the ‘Record Time’ EP.

The EP succinctly identifies the group’s penchant for encompassing melodies, the title track a brisk yet yearning admittance of the desire for love lost, while ‘Bestfriend’ introduces itself in a wave of brass before effervescing into a twinkling, spacious lament that stands out as one of their grandest moments yet. From today, you can stream the ‘Record Time’ EP at Wax Music before its release on Friday, listen below. 

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