New Born Animal The Machine EP

Formed from the ashes of their previous project Zee Town & The Dog Boys, Sad Love is the very first single from New Born Animal, an enigmatic septet from London who are self-releasing their first EP this Friday (22nd September).

A slowly effervescing introduction, Sad Love immediately entrances the senses with the vast space that the group permeate, fragmenting machines churn as secular synths glisten and pop as if within a tangible bubble. Warning brass builds to a bellow with caution, yet appears so subtly as if a constant cog within the group’s agency, gurgling and humming with authenticity as each instrument seamlessly mingles within an imposing, unavoidable sense of distress.

It’s here where New Born Animal’s music particularly thrives, their rousing inclination towards embracing the axis of unfiltered emotion and inanimate functionality of mechanism is delivered with distinct poise and emphatic character. Tom Armstrong and Molly Martin evoke the very heart of the atmosphere within, the inescapable, human feeling of lamentation that figures within warning signs, cold calls and a very palpable being, as if shockingly mortal and individual. It’s illuminating to recognise just how overwhelming impactful such aching sentiment is, as New Born Animal personify the conscious feeling of loss within something so human.

An exhilarating opening chapter to an equivocal new prospect, Sad Love is premiering today on Wax Music. The Machine EP is available from September 22nd here.

New Born Animal play their first ever full-band show supporting The Mantis Opera at The Montague Arms in London tomorrow (September 22nd).


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