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(‘BROOD X’ – 24 / 3 – IN THE RED)

Pull the cord that illuminates the room, as the dust settles upon the faded floors that surround you and fills heavy lungs that swell within, as you give in and process such troubled fate that faces you. Boss Hog, the cult punk group combining Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer, craft such weighted sombreness on ‘17‘, their latest track since releasing new material last year for the first time in just under two decades. It arrives as an introduction to a newly announced full-length, titled ‘Brood X‘.

As Spencer lets tingling scales drip over monotonous strums, Martinez grips with every elongated utterance as the shadows of anxiety encompass her. Repeated refrains are almost small comforts as overwhelming cacophony drowns out a fitting finale of solemn strings and Martinez’s wounded assertion  “I was swallowed by the noise“. A welcomingly contemplative effort – Boss Hog return to resolve and captivate, ‘17‘ a closing statement of intent and undoubtable purpose that doesn’t need to give much away – Martinez’s elusive message all the more engaging for it.

Boss Hog release ‘Brood X’ via In The Red on 23rd March – Listen to ’17’ below.

The group play Oslo, London on 3rd February.


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