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The Nods describe themselves as starting out with no direction and moving forward with not much more, if not less. Their new double-AA single, collectively self-titled but principally singular in quality, brazenly follows a deceivingly more focused course.

Chromatic Recollection‘ and ‘Public Eye‘ are unilluminated shots of garage punk – antagonised by the polar essence of being predominantly unsettled but entirely engaged. Both are skittish, strobing forms of intensity that capture the strain of modern inertia in the former and the harrowing threat of faceless criticism in the latter. The naturally resentful vocal physically writhes alongside the heated rhythmic motive – you’ll perhaps not hear a more investing diatribe this year.

Channeling hostility into vibrant assertions is a proven statement of intent, yet to do it with such sharpness is another matter – on this evidence, The Nods are capable of such standards.

The Nods‘ is available now.


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