As a member of George Club, a band formed within the creative courses at Falmouth university, Michael Clark was a part of the ever growing community that we now find in the town today. Having moved away to not so far away climes in Devon, over the last couple of years Clark has been slowly tinkering with his own work, creating beautifully nurtured music that blurs the boundaries of bedroom and field recording. With ‘Never Felt The Morning Sun‘, Clark has assembled together his progress to release one of the most moving pieces of music heard this year. 

It’s harrowing how utterly effecting each element of the track is produced; twinkling guitar fills the atmosphere with an intense intimacy, Clark’s vocal is layered with extra purpose as the harmonies grace with bewitching poignancy, effortlessly providing a deeply weighted composition. Such warmth in the tone of the guitars simply adds to the melancholic air, yet it’s in his chord progressions and novel burl that Clark really tugs on the sentiment of the theme.

Clark’s voice is expressive and pained, drawing each strain of emotion out of his vocal. “I found something / more than nothing / through my window / it lives and never stops.” looping the melody line through each verse, each crack in his anguished delivery is more yielding than the last. “In my basement / it sleeps and never wakes / for no ones / even seen the day” Clarke finds something affecting not just in the outside world, but in the loneliness of your own isolation, both ultimately viewed in a perturbed aspect. There’s such beauty in the track’s gentle sadness, Michael has an innate ability to find such effective use of the space given. In leaving room for the vocals and chords to breathe together, he creates a lucid energy that allows you to delve and really immerse yourself in his eloquent verse.

With ‘Never Felt The Morning Sun‘ Michael Clarke’s moving composition presents an early impression of an instinctive, moving personality. Wonderfully crafted, Clarke provides suitable material for the early nights that are drawing in.


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