Rachel Aggs, Billy Easter and Andrew Milk are a canny and compelled group of people that form London-based trio Shopping. Their first LP, ‘Consumer Complaints‘, was driven by an intuitive, open-minded view of the world, angered by the overwhelming influence of Consumerism, Capitalism and the state of the economy in todays society. In wanting to create something that challenged and provided an antithesis to the health of current affairs, Shopping found balance and catharsis in delivering the antagonised music we hear on record. Now returning with second record ‘Why Choose?’ Shopping have delivered ‘Why Wait?’ an influential introduction that displays the trio’s intelligence when considering their values in both sonic and lyrical terms. 

Propelled by an sparse, intense rhythm, the lead guitar delivers an off-beat melody that meddles in intrinsic guitar-playing, delving into an overall experimental tone. The similarly-led bass is high in the mix, pushing the subtle melody and defining each member’s role in the track. The clear, slightly-off tone production in the guitar is abrasive, which when paired with the shouty harmonies makes for a simple and conclusive mood.

The repeated verses of “Why Wait?”, “Why Choose?”, “Why Pay?” are challenging and perceptive, the group breaking down the almost unreachable barrier of Consumerism, delivering an antidote within irate, sharp sentences. Facing the dilemma of wanting out of a destructive idea but also being unable to stop yourself from wanting everything that is in front of you is a pragmatic approach to an irrepressible difficulty, showing how they are an insightful voice.

With the upcoming release of their second album, Shopping are becoming an almost integral voice of creativity in a currently bleak climate. Along with bands such as Sauna Youth and Ultimate Painting, each group’s approach is educated, considered and, most importantly, enthralling. If ‘Why Wait‘ is their statement of intent, then ‘Why Choose‘ will be an important assertion in 2015.

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