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Channeling the sensual spirit of Marc Bolan and southern-fried Rock’n’Roll, Falmouth trio Lost Dawn (Formed of Stanley DukeBen Woods and Joel McConkey) lay their affections on the table for their “one and only” to see in their track “Song For Robert“.

The spirit of it is no-questions-asked 70s rock, smothered in sleazy riffs and harmonising coos. Duke slowly evokes a dark and devilish character as his young love and naïvety is replaced with an attraction for a much more tempestuous personality, “I love the way you shake your hips oh yeah, I love the way you bite your lips oh no, the way you move it rocks me to my soul.”  Simple yet encompassing, much like the nature of each beat it’s laid upon.

I really have no idea where the idea came from, there was no spark of inspiration for it really, we just kept talking through funny ideas and landing on the best ones.” 

Vocalist and Guitarist Duke explains, telling us how the band took to creating the visuals to accompany the track; 

“I think the video definitely mirrors the playful nature of the song. It’s a feel-good track, you don’t have to think too much about it, you can just enjoy it, so we wanted the video to be similar.”

The two-piece are set to release their self-titled LP this month, from which ‘Song For Robert‘ is the debauched opening track;

The album is a coming together of many of our influences. It has the backdrop of Bluesy Garage of course, but we’ve thrown in Glam Rock, Psychedelic, African and just plain epic influences. To me it sounds like if Zeppelin made an album in 2014.” 

The duo have developed the ability to write a record that, while sounding of this time, reflects on the attributes of all the classic releases of each genre they are inspired by. As obvious as it sounds, instrumentation was an important feature for the band;

“There were definitely points where we thought “oh shit, that sounds like Zeppelin!” or the likes, but I wouldn’t say it was intended. I think the instrumentation plays a good part in getting a pretty unique sound, we’ve used a lot of percussion and layered guitars, Jake from The Black Tambourines even plays sitar on one track. It’s just a great mesh of sounds.”

Lost Dawn host a Pre-Release Listening Party on 13th April at Hand Bar in Falmouth, before playing the album in full at Mono in Falmouth on 22nd April. 

‘Lost Dawn’ is set for release 20th April on Easy Action Records

Featured Image by Ash Hampson.

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