Wax Music First Birthday

Over the past year it’s been a great pleasure working towards achieving something as Wax Music. Back in October last year this was just a blog talking about Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs new single, since then it’s somehow headed down various routes, particularly in genre and style, yet we’ve retained a passion for music that is innovative and most importantly, plain good. We’ve been able to meet countless individuals who have influenced the website and radio show we’ve constructed and promotions we partake in today, but if there’s anything that has particularly inspired our enthusiasm for the music we talk about, it’s the community of musicians and bands coming out of a little dock in Cornwall.

You’re probably a bit sick of us banging on about Falmouth, but to be bluntly honest, we don’t care. If we can give a bit of space or time to a place that has developed a musical fortitude in such a natural way, then I’d feel like we were accomplishing the intention that we set out for Wax. Falmouth has given us a lot, not just good music, so we thought what better way to celebrate our first birthday than to hopefully give something back to the area by celebrating not just our year as Wax, but the music that has got us there as well.

On 4th December, we are holding an All-Dayer at Beerwolf Books in Falmouth. Doors will open at 4, with an array of our favourite sounds to come from the area and county:

The Black Tambourines

The Red Cords

Lost Dawn

Selfish Son

The Spankees

The Golden Dregs

Holiday Ghosts

Goddam Nobody

Sleep Cycles


Tickets will be available on the door for a price of £4. More information on the event to come.

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The cosmic poster work is from the mind of Stanley Duke.

If you are from the area, in a band / act and interested in playing, we’d like to hear from you. Please e-mail waxmusic@live.com for more information. 

Viva La Fal.

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