With a vast array of alternative music making appearances on chat shows’ such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Late Show With David Letterman, it’s becoming increasingly more ordinary to find bands that you wouldn’t expect to hear on Network Television plugging in and playing to a huge TV audience.

Last night’s (31st January) Letterman show hosted not just everyone’s favourite cleverly eccentric, comedic genius Bill Murray, but also Leeds Post-Punk five-piece Eagulls.

Smashing through ‘Possessed‘ from their self-titled debut album with succinct and astonishing effect, the band have expertly devised an encompassing melody secluded within waves of unhinged, ‘Loveless’-esque guitar, their live sound giving them a fragility perhaps not as uncovered on record. This in no way takes away the force within which this group excels, they are pissed and their music empowers them.

Frontman George Mitchell channels the angered vitriolity of the dispossessed youth, a stark figure who in a live setting is pensive yet engaging. When this band’s music is let loose it’s the snarling counterculture to the 9-5, perhaps appearing on this is a contradiction as such, not to the band but the no-doubt oblivious conformers who run it.



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