Who?: Originally the solo work of Thomas Crang, now a four-piece band.

What should I listen to?: The first EP ‘The Young Obese‘, released on Art Is Hard Records.

What’s next?: New EP ‘Nobody Hates You As Much As You Hate Yourself‘ is out February 17th, you can pre-order cassette here.

There’s plenty out there, you’ve just got to delve that little deeper to find it. 

The laziness of todays listening public in general is a depressing thought. With everything commercialised and manufactured handed out on a silver platter, it always brings sheer joy when you can search a little further and find a band, a label or a scene that are doing everything on their own, and the quality of the work they are creating adds an even greater sense of excitement.

Gorgeous Bully has been the creative project of Thomas Crang for a definitive amount of time now, having come from writing in his bedroom in Plymouth to living in Manchester and making Gorgeous Bully a fully fledged four-piece. The music they create is drenched in a fuzzy haze of softly tinged vocals and reverberating, lo-fi instrumentals, a sound very akin to Ty Segall’s solo work and that would lift a room in a packed tight venue of listeners or just a few friends having beers in a student digs living room.

Crang’s ability to write a darkly infused lyric adds that extra element to their sound, a tale of despair over an infectious and uplifting piece of music, delivering a connection with anyone that has felt lost or stuck where they are, sat in their bedroom, inspiring them to do something about it.

Live as a four-piece they are much like many of their label mates, raucous, enticing, clinical and very DIY. It’s where their music is going to develop in droves and will for many be a turn-to act when they feel stuck and just want to have some fun with friends.

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