2014 is quickly setting the mark for top quality new releases, and South West independent label  Art Is Hard have joined the game with their first release of the year.

Joining forces with Reeks of Effort, the two labels are releasing Art Reeks, a 4-band, 8-release split record that’s available online and on 12″ from 3rd March.

The four bands that have provided for the limited to 300, hand numbered release are Oxford punk trio Poledo, Cardiff’s resident lo-fi four-piece Radstewart, solo psychedelic popper Joey Fourr and Scottish noise-dwellers Pinact.

The Head Honchos over at AIH had this to say about the release;

Although the bands could all be loosely grouped as alternative, they all have a very different sound. Joey Fourr and Radstewart are both quite sparse but in totally different ways. Poledo and Pinact bring the p-rock party but again in totally different ways. We’ve also just realised the split is made up of a solo act, a two piece, a trio and a four piece, pretty weird coincidence.”

From what we’ve heard so far of it, it’s definitely an eclectic split. Poledo make a pretty infectious racket on their track ‘King of Cool‘, nearly 5 minutes of hitting against the try-hards with their spitting vocal lines and Cribs-like guitar stabs while Joey Fourr’s ‘Born Slippery‘ is a woozy affair of sweet dream inducing vocals over a static drum sequence, laying you on a cloud of electronic claps and gutter riffs.

You can listen to both tracks now below.

Head to to pre-order the album digitally or via white 12″.

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