The So Young Bristol All-Dayer Profile: The Rhythm Method


Combining humbly conversationalist lyrics with internet era rooted electronic beats, The Rhythm Method musically epitomise the all too well known daily dramas of basic Britishness.

A modern lovechild of Arab Strap and The Streets, the London duo explore issues of dodgy politics and social media age loneliness with both a dry, self-ridiculing wit and an emotive sincerity, offering a humble narration to moneyless life in a (not so) United Kingdom.

After the recent release of their debut album ‘How Would You Know I Was Lonely?’, the duo (comprised of ​Joey Bradbury and Rowan Martin)​ have been making waves in the alternative circles of the doomed generation.

This Saturday (20th), So Young Magazine and Wax Music summon The Rhythm Method west to headline the Bristol all-dayer. Tickets are available from Headfirst Bristol and See Tickets. 

Words: Ciara Bains


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