The So Young Bristol All Dayer Profile: Talk Show

talk show.jpg

It has become too easy to presume the sound and ethos of a band when the almighty ‘South London’ branding is called upon in description. Whilst post punk four-piece Talk Show are, in fact, unsung frontrunners of the capital’s ever thriving scene, their music and performances stand to transcend its common conceptions.

With a darkened energy in their songwriting that calls upon some of the 80s’ finest – Joy Division, Magazine and The Cure – Talk Show embody a true post punk authenticity that few bands manage to so vividly capture today.

That being said, the band are certainly not stuck in the past, with frontman Harrison Swann’s growling deliveries evoking moments of King Krule-esque tones. Talk Show’s live appearances pulse with an underground electricity that’ll be sure to take the So Young Bristol All Dayer by storm.

This Saturday (20th), So Young Magazine and Wax Music summon Talk Show west to play the So Young Bristol All Dayer. Tickets are available from Headfirst Bristol and See Tickets. 

Words: Ciara Bains

Feature Photo: Ross Jones


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