Gorgeous Bully return with ‘Patience’

A mellow yet scratchy guitar hook, a yearning voice of dejection and a turn of phrase that can be screamed aloud in your bedroom or in a cramped pub in the middle of Manchester.

‘Patience’ is very much Gorgeous Bully’s ilk, cut from the cloth that Thomas Crang has tore from and continuously nurtured back together to craft unavoidably compelling melancholic-pop songs. ‘Patience’ just might be one of Crang’s most essential, a brief yet powerful image of hitting rock bottom and the slow climb that must be faced back to a sense of happiness.

With a new album on the way later in the year through Breakfast Records, Crang gifts us the first taste of a more succinct approach that loses none of its emotionally caustic baggage. Crang is at an ends, overwhelmed by the progression of friends and close ones and unable to see movement of his own. He expresses frustration through taut turns of vocal, a brash immediacy weaving into a mellow coo before a verse is complete. Backed by a familiarly bright guitar that’s awash in distortion, Crang bellows “I’ll Get Mine”, a laconic chorus that summons all manner of optimism and determination, something that Gorgeous Bully, through all its twist and turns, has become vital for.

Gorgeous Bully are celebrating the release of ‘Patience’ with a single release show at The White Rabbit in Bristol tonight (4th August). Listen to the new single below.

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