At the heart of Nerve Centre Records – Charlie Murphy’s own independent record label – is a love of scrappy, energetic music that expresses lovelorn nativity. The first track Murphy has released from Nerve Centre, his own ‘I Wanna Be (Someone Else) is the most suitable embodiment of these qualities – blazing Power-Pop that is fiercely independent and immediately catchy.

Scratchy power chords and bouncing bass comfortably meld with Murphy’s dual vocal – the short and sharp approach to his verse fitting in with the unconventional yet compelling melody. Murphy delves into self-exploration with even more vigour than when writing as a Red Cord, practically reaching a shouting pitch as he enunciates “I want to be someone else“.

Trying not to pick up the phone / because there’s nothing that helps” as downbeat as Murphy may seem, his lyrics display a nostalgic simplicity to them that you can’t help but take warmth from. “I don’t mind being alone / because I don’t have to see anyone” at odds with his own mind, Murphy takes slight respite in finding comfort within his own insecurity – a familiarity that becomes normality. It’s in his words that Murphy has fed his influences, and as Richman and Gentleman Jesse have done before him, has delivered something rich – as fundamental as it may seem.

As minimal as it is in it’s presentation – Murphy delivers Lo-Fi Pop that is laid-back but still pulses with energy and conviction. A grand introduction to a promising label.



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