Traveling back two years to the two Cornish towns of Truro and Falmouth, back when the infamous club/venue the Live Bar was still a functioning hub for the scenes musical expression and a time when no knew The Black Tambourines were working their way to release an album, a homogenous musical social group and collective of minds were working together to form a scene that belonged to no one else but Cornwall.

Amongst the usual key players of Lost Dawn, The Black Tambourines and the then infant The Red Cords, stood an aggregated body of individuals that formed a progressive, jazz fueled, incendiary outfit that went under the title of Tiger Years. What made the band special was the unrestrained, fertile offshoots of side projects that each member belonged to: with George Club, Your Gold Teeth and The Mantis Opera to name a few, all being led by various individuals of the outfit. Even though the group disbanded around the time the scene became bigger and the creativity blossomed, the effects of the bands prolificness still resonate today, with Jack Wolter, guitarist of the deceased Tiger Years, now emerging from his home on the Isle of Man brandishing a new project called Cubzoa and self run record label Waveyhead.

The calling card for Cubzoa comes in the form of the christening EP’s and dual release on the label, Aubergine and Chlorine, with both being a collection of songs that are neither lacking or inept. Ranging from the lucid dream like state created in the glittering acoustic compound of ‘Juice’ found on the Chlorine EP, right through to the raggedy and rasping fuzz laden ‘Kaleidoscope’ taken off Aubergine, the EP’s carry themselves in a dynamic and varying posture, embedded together with a dream pop aesthetic that revels in jangle guitar tones and yearning reverb.

Below are our two favourite picks from the new extended plays, and show Cubzoa at its most diverse, reminding you that as a whole, the songs will charm as they range from the cacophonous to the tranquil.


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