Continuing their run of flexidisc and magazine bundles, the DIY stalwarts Art Is Hard Records prepares to make another addition to the series by releasing the new 3-track single ‘The Wait’ by White Sands on the 6th of October.

Existing in the similar vein of the supergroup-esque line-up akin to Menace Beach, White Sands members pull from a diverse range of creative minds and fertile environments, making for an eclectic range of musical directions. Having a line up call that consists of Conan Roberts of Mazes, Sophy Hollington of Novella and John Arthur Webb of Male Bonding, means that the assortment of the bands pedigree is well founded; the produce of which – as demonstrated in single ‘Expect Nothing‘ – is not lacklustre or second-rate.

A bed of rasping lead supports the opening chime as the first few seconds of the song roll past. The ethereal sounding soundscapes confirms the notion that each member has pulled equal weight in adding their own sonic personalities to the music, with influences from Mazes jangling lead melodies and Male Bonding’s wall of haze both being present in the over and undertones of the mix.

As mind expanding as it hypnotic, ‘Expect Nothing’ is a phosphorescent journey through a nebulous of  sinister instrumentation bathed in whimpering lead guitar lines and nonchalant vocals; revealing in a pop persona and showing that collectively, White Sands are using the project as an envoy to showcase the slightly darker sides of their personalities.


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