The bedroom production tag has been pinned to many bands that have yearned and exuded the lo-fi aesthetic over the past decade; doing their best to lay claim to the DIY philosophy as they churn out the degraded, dingy sounds which have swept across music scenes on either sides of the Atlantic. As overused as it is, the bedroom production label cannot be more authentically tied than to the output of Cornish ambient and dream pop producer, Sleep Cycles.

Emerging out of the sleeping quarters of Max Holder, Sleep Cycles dispenses a tentative assortment of songs containing pensive narratations supported by raw instrumentation – projecting a style akin to the more coarse moments of a Youth Lagoon song mingled with a dose of The Antlers melancholy.

Hibernation’ is the inaugural EP from the solo project and demonstrates a conspicuous glance into the mind of its creator. Opening track ‘Café Waltz’ recites a chronicle of modern life, basking amid reverb swamped acoustic guitar and glowing synth lines that carry an ethereal approach. The theory of less is more is projected throughout the record, with ‘Chump’ and ‘Get Sleep’ being a glittering clutch of tunes, with the sparseness of the orchestration complimenting their construction. ‘Flinch’, which is a spoken word account over a delicately picked acoustic guitar, and ‘Learning To Whistle’, both sound like the rawest moment of a Trust Fund tune. It’s ‘Pollen Pickers’ though, which stands out amongst the phosphorescence of the EP, demonstrating lyricism of memorable notions with lines like, ‘Today was so swell / we made a million at the wishing well’ whilst all being buried amongst a shimmering backdrop of euphony.

The experience encountered in ‘Hibernation’ can be felt to of arisen from the purest of situations. The most winsome moments come from the authenticity of the bedroom production,  creating an almost tangible feel and thus making what occurs within the music all the more endearing.


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