Sitting atop a heap of ingredients consisting of the melodic American alt-rock aesthetics of the 90’s, blended together with a shoegaze twist and washed down with a garage mentality, San Francisco’s Void Boys latest single, ‘Starfish‘, plays out to be a refreshing and energising 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

Taken from the ‘Starfish‘ mini EP released via Pretty Penny Records, the lead single greets you with a wall of sound right for the start; populated by swamping, thickset distortion and a tumultuous rhythm section that’s employed to dress up the melodic riffage on show.

What’s completely beguiling about the song is guitarist Shannon Bodrogi’s joint vocals during the verse with the other members of the band. Creating a kooky, personality-filled harmony that’s easily reminiscent to the same vocal deliveries found on various Splendora records, your ears are tickled by the type of vocal inflections discharged and you’re felt compelled to listen on.

Maintaining attention as the song progresses is a rewarding experience, as the dynamic, borderline orchestral instrumentation and climatic songwriting is an ode to the type of laudable musicianship on offer. This equation, then, of high-grade talent and songwriting makes Void Boys ‘Starfish‘ a gripping listen, and the stream of the song below will stand testament to the notion that the bands future is surely a promising one.

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