Returning with another onslaught of destructive and harrowing slab of surf doom to act as war cry for the soon to be upon us release of ‘Annabel Dream Reader’, The Wytches plunge their hands into their figurative bag of tricks and pull out new single ‘Burn Out The Bruise’.

Starting with a sullen groan from a guitar bathed in echo and reverb, Burn Out The Bruise explodes into the typical mystic haze of snarling guitar riffs and wall of dense distortion trademark to The Wytches sound. Showing that this single is no let up from the previous cacophonous and unrelenting release of ‘Wire Frame Mattress’, the song writhes about in melodic anguish before breaking into a verse of sinister tyranny provided by Kristian Bell’s haunting croon.

Considering we’ve now heard 9 out of the 13 tracks from the forthcoming debut, Burn Out The Bruise is a 3 minute and 13 seconds shot of adrenaline straight into our arm, proving that the consistency in The Wytches songwriting is all there.

Embracing the darkness, The Wytches aren’t the figures that cast the shadows but are the much more mysterious and threatening things that lurk within them. Hearing these individual tracks all lined up back to back and one by one on a single record will be a treat for anyone’s ears and August the 25th will be the moment that The Wytches finally get to showcase their musical schemes and ideas in full. Burn Out The Bruise, however, acts as another perfect stopgap until that moment, reveling in its own horror and teasing us enchantingly with its ominous melodies.

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