Breaking the three-year lull of no new material since their reunion back in February of 2011, Death From Above 1979 finally hand over to the baying public the first taster from their anticipated sophomore album, ‘Physical World’, in the form of new single, ‘Trainwreck 1979’.

Having been dispensers of melodic cacophony since their crushing debut album You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine back in 2004, the opening few seconds of ‘Trainwreck 1979’ read that DFA1979 still remember what made them great when they first committed audio to tape. Initiating with an abrasive jolt of feedback into a bludgeoning trudge of dense basslines smothered in distortion, the track basks in its nostalgia of 00’s Indie Dance that was pioneered way back in the early part of the last decade.

Sebastian Grainer’s shriek, however, as he delivers the opening lines of lyrical proclamations let on to the fact that DFA1979 are very much now a matured band since that era. Tamer in urgency and more controlled in delivery, Trainwreck 1979 plays out as an anthem, with the soaring chorus which surrounds itself in ‘whoops’ and glittering synths harking back to days when the UK was the behemoth in Indie Dance glory when purveyors of the trade Late Of The Pier were producing output, although, in this instance, DFA1979 are taking a very commercial path with Trainwreck 1979 in showcasing this sound.

That being said the new single is still thunderous, drenched in instrumental turmoil and constructed with the same luring creativity that JFK seems to have when turning his mind to contemporary songwriting. Fans of the early works on You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine won’t be disappointed in this 3 minutes and 46 second slab of noise pop, as the track shows that Death From Above have decided to pick up exactly where they left off 10 years ago.

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