Scrappy and bathed in the alt-rock ethics of the 90’s, Cereal, the newest slacker rockers to spring out from the university dorms and decaying practice rooms of Falmouth, come brandishing in their hands their debut EP, ‘Eat More’, a 7 track collective of clamorous punk rock and lo-fi stained grunge of the American sort.

Having weaved their way through the house party scene and scoring credible support slots on the gigging circuit by sharing stages with such bands as The Black Tambourines and The Red Cords, Cereal have wasted little time in making impressions considering their conception occurred only late last year. The energy of their live shows was captured in the March release of single/live recording of the bludgeoning and dynamic set bruiser, ‘Jonathonanon‘, demonstrating the bands leaning to scuzzed and alternative riffage and acting as a teaser to what the inaugural EP would have to offer.

Opening with ‘Wasted And Worn‘, an infectiously catchy and riotous college dropout musing, saturated with chorus-drenched guitars and a dynamic progression akin to the styles found on Weezer’s Blue Album’, the ‘Eat More’ EP isn’t afraid of throwing the punches. The record blazes through its songs, with ‘Eric Void‘, a tumultuous escapade through light and dark songwriting, slathered in a haze of rich distortion, and ‘Hollow Friend‘ a climatic, crashing affair dealing with typical life occurring social insecurities, all adding to the snarling and fast paced persona the EP wears.

However, songwriting on the record never appears to be one-dimensional as the EP holds it fare share of affecting and deeply personal compositions. Samuel Bedford’s gravelly croon over the steadier paced ‘So Down‘, with its Dinosaur Jr esque chorus and solo, proves that the band have waters which run deep and never is this more apparent on the sullen and haunting ‘Last Call‘, where, over the soaring chorus, personal demons and raw emotions are battled as the sentiments, ‘if you think you’re about to die, call me up so I can say my goodbyes, and if you want our picture framed you need to find someone else to blame’, are expressed in a gentle, uncertain manner.

Traveling through its eclectic songwriting and coming full circle to its end, ‘Eat More‘ closes on a true party inducing and rousing slacker ballad entitled ‘Sk8 Or Die‘. Amongst the glowing, throaty timbre of the instruments and hushed vocals of the verses, we ultimately learn that come the chorus, which explodes into a set ‘wooing’ gang vocals, that Cereal are a band who really just want to have some fun.

When you reflect upon this notion you realize that the band have given us everything you’d want from an EP released in this genre. Gripping, tentative, relatable and in spots doesn’t take itself too seriously, the ‘Eat More’ EP has proven itself to be a debut deep in substance and character that will not only be the soundtrack to the future darker points of student life but also the beer drenched parties and club revelries to which the band so intimately know and come from.

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