The Magic Gang is a band wrapped up in self-assurance. The confidence exuded from their name and the nonchalant description of ‘Melody Makers/Vibe Crafters’ found on the bio of their facebook page demonstrates that Brighton’s newest export from it’s melting pot of eager musicians is a band with an intent and purpose, with both attributes packaged and delivered in an understated cocoon of haze-laden beach-vibe soundscapes and melancholy narratives.    

Sourcing its members from such bands as the lo-fi fuzz pop outfit YRRS, dream wavers Home School, and the mellow surf-scuzz attitudes of Bayy, The Magic Gang were sitting upon a cauldron of raw creativity right from the very start. In March of last year they broke cover with their first offering, ‘Bruises’, an anthemic swirl of hooks and intricate riff play, which demonstrated chief songwriters Kristian Smith and Jack Kaye’s ability to grasp the listener and pull them in with their trademark apathetic and relatable themes of relationships failing or lusting.

Calling assistance from MJ (Hookworms Menace Beach) to take the rein on production duties, the band went onto release their first official single ‘Shallow’, a kaleidoscopic journey layered with regret and angst that sits upon the sinister backbone of a glittering and scuzzy instrumentation, demonstrating their desire to be taken seriously and earning them support slots with Swim Deep, Courtney Barnett and JAWS over the course of 2014.

What’s alluring about the songwriting projected by The Magic Gang is the accessibility in the nature of the tunes, with the current clutch of output exploring in a different angle each time the romantics and social politics we all have to endure in our day to day lives. The songs charm us by acting as if they were a close friend who knows exactly what you’re going through, which in turn makes them appeal to human nature at its very core. The fact that all of this is presented in a blend of sonic elements which can be found in bands such as Gross Magic, The Beach Boys, The Smiths Westerns, and most notably Weezer, makes for what The Magic Gang are doing all the more magnanimously endearingly.

The band are set to peddle their blur of infectious and mellow surf drenched compositions out on tour throughout the spring period, but below you can find a stream of the new single, ‘She Won’t Ghost‘, a slacker anthem contorted which will have you singing at the top of your lungs as it drowns in the confusion of young love portrayed, which, in turn will make you do what The Magic Gang have set out to achieve, and that is to muse and act reflective about romances gone past.


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