Upon hearing the news back in February that playlounge, the thundering and abrasive noise pop – or thrash pop, as it was known back in the day – duo from Brighton/London were releasing their first full length, everyone’s ears were instantly pricked.

With the announcement that the ‘pilot’ LP would soon be in our grubby hands come April, the band gave to us a new track, ‘zero‘, a frenzied barrage of dense, distorted guitar riffs and intense, battering drums, to whet our appetites, and quite frankly, get us chomping at the bit in expectation for what else is to come.

Well once again, camp playlounge have broken cover by presenting to us a new sonic offering from their forthcoming LP in the form of ‘waves and waves and waves‘, the most turbulent and colossal release from them to date.

From the outset the song is completely unapologetic and attention grabbing in its orchestration. Opening with an onslaught of frantic cymbals and a thrash of climatic, fuzz-laden chords, the soundscape created by the duo is nothing more than titanic. However, unlike ‘zero, ‘waves and waves and wavesis more pensive and reflective in its personality. After the initial freak out and turmoil hurled at our eardrums, a period of relief and contrast settles in, as the track basks in the glow of Laurie Foster‘s sustained and ethereal sounding chords, creating a perfect bed for Saam Watkin’s understated lyrics about the, “adolescent feeling of ‘nothing can touch us’” ride out underneath a haze of cymbal work.

Fans of PAWS, Japandroids and No Age are still in good company listening to this three-minute slab of scintillating, emo drenched frenzy of melodic pop, but songs like this show that playlounge are rising above their influences, creating a sonic niche for themselves and going out of their way to prove to us that ‘pilot’ will be the soundtrack to our summers.

Below is a link to stream ‘waves and waves and waves’ in its full glory as well as download the new song for free.

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